Momo Kanae

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Render Commission Prices

Single Render Set: $7
2 Render Set: $15
3 Render Set: $30
4 Render Set: $37

Video Commission's: $15
Up to 3 characters, you can choose outfits, poses, map/stage. This includes the free Alt Version (like for example: Full naked or cum Inflation, Tit Inflation).

If you need a customized pack, please contact me.Please see my "Do and Don't Do" section before make a commission !!.All the prices are in USD Dollar.Refunds are not accepted after I send the "Base Render".For Videos Commissions you NEED contact me first before ordering something.Payment is made through my Ko-Fi page, Ko-Fi accepts payments through Paypal and you do not need to create a Ko-Fi account to make a payment.
Please, Contact me first before you make any payments !!!!

Here are some examples of previous Commissions and Requests.


Here somes examples of some old Requests and Commissions

Contact Me

Here you can contact me

I can do a lot of things:

Any Vanilla content/ Femdom / Soft BDSM/ IncestYuri / Yaoi / Futa / Traps / Loli / ShotaFuta on Futa / Trap on Trap / Futa on Trap / Sole Male, Futa or TrapTanned Skin / Semi-tan / Dark SkinnedPreggo / Cum Inflation / Lactation and Milk Stuff

But you need contact me first for this ones:

Monster girls / Furrys / BBW / OC's

But i don't do this things:

Rape / Multiple Boys /GoreBestiality (Any type) (Male Side)Insects / bugs / Monsters / Monter boy / Parasite / Tentacles / Orc / Goblins (male)Prostitution / Ugly Bastard / Gangbang (by Male) / NTR (All types)/ Dark Skinned Male (Do not insist pls)Scat / Drugs / Vore

Note: I don't work with dark skinned males, Unfortunately this tag is very associated with the other blacktags that I don't work and dont like or support like: Rape, Multiple Boys, Prostitution, Gangbang, NTR and etc..., this type of content is not something i don't want be related to it, and also i don't want to have to create "B skin versions" for my work because it only increases the production time and more time censoring things for Pixiv